Conference and Speakers Panel

Our third annual conference on Human Trafficking is happened on Tuesday, November 12, 2018! We would love to thank all our speakers for their wisdom and insight to their discussion of human trafficking and to all our attendees for spending their evening with us to learn about the causes and initiatives to tackle such. We hope that you left our conference with a deep appreciation for the work that each speaker puts to help end human trafficking and understand the need for your support with our initiatives.

Please feel free to contact us at for more information of how to get involved or get in contact with our speakers!

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In 2017, we hosted our second annual anti-human trafficking conference that highlight different dimensions of human trafficking. We would like to thank Jeffrey Ong and Jessica Franklin from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Justin Park from World Vision, Yalda Mehran from University of Toronto, Dr. Shree Bhalerao from the Department of Psychiatry at St. Michael’s Hospital, and Idil Atak from Ryerson University for being guest speakers! We would also like to thank those who has attended the event and we hope it provided insight to the different sections of human trafficking and what is currently being done to address it!

Here are images from our conference in 2016. Our annual successes with conferences will only improve and we hope to continue educating the student community about this pressing issue.