Alicia Demanuele

Director of Events

Alicia Demanuele is a fourth year student completing a double major in Political Science and Criminology at the University of Toronto. Alicia joined Love146 after reading about the prevalence and impact of human trafficking in her Gender, Politics & Public Policy class. She was unaware of the scales on which this issue occurs at both a domestic and international level. As the Director of Events, Alicia is looking forward to collaborating with the rest of the team to plan some amazing events that will spread awareness about the prevalence of human trafficking among the university student population, as well as raise money for the parent organization Love146 to support their efforts to put an end to human trafficking. Outside of UofT and Love146, Alicia enjoys playing tennis and works as a certified tennis instructor.


Connor Plantinga

Director of Sponsorship

Connor Plantinga is a …


Aidan Harris

Deputy of Sponsorship

Aidan Harris is a…..