Hamza Naim

Director of Outreach

Hamza Naim is a third year student who is studying Peace, Conflict, and Justice (PCJ), and Ethics, Society, and Law (ESL). Hamza joined LOVE146 to be surrounded by proactive individuals in an environment that motivates participants to continue to make positive changes in the world. He wishes to have a positive impact on the world in as many ways as possible and chose LOVE146 because the organization combats an international issues with a grassroots approach. Outside of his work within the chapter, Hamza is also a member of the St.George Tri-campus hockey team.


Tracy Wu

Director of Public Relations

Tracy is currently a 3rd year student, specializing in Sociology at the University of Toronto. After discovering that Toronto was the centre of human trafficking in Canada, she decided to try and spread awareness about this problem by joining LOVE146 University of Toronto Chapter as their Director of Public Relations. She was shocked by how little people knew about the issue of human trafficking and wanted to help inform people more about this issue. Aside from LOVE146, Tracy loves dogs, watching Netflix and food.


Sharon Lee

Year Representative

Sharon Lee is currently the First Year Representative, with the intention to study International Relations. She lived in Lebanon for two years and helped combat human trafficking among refugee children. Due to the passion she developed through this experience, she joined Love146 to continue supporting the movement to end human trafficking. As a result of her time abroad, she also learned to speak Arabic fluently.