Sandy Lee

Founder of U of T Chapter

Sandy is a graduate at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. Sandy co-founded the U of T chapter back in 2015, and has been serving as a president and a director ever since the chapter opened its door. Sandy was first faced with the realities of human trafficking when she was in high school when working with the human rights team back in Winnipeg. Ever since, her journey as an activist for anti-human trafficking efforts began by raising awareness and fundraising for the victims who were affected. Sandy believes that human trafficking is a multidimensional issue that must be tackled at every level, and wishes that through her chapter, she will be able to gain a network of students who can help her join the fight to end this issue with tremendous amounts light and love. Outside of LOVE146, Sandy spends most of her time swooning over soft plushies which is currently overpowering her work desk (and might be causing a fire hazard issue).


Hamza Naim


Hamza Naim is a fourth year student who is studying Peace, Conflict, and Justice (PCJ), and Ethics, Society, and Law (ESL). Hamza joined LOVE146 to be surrounded by proactive individuals in an environment that motivates participants to continue to make positive changes in the world. He wishes to have a positive impact on the world in as many ways as possible and chose LOVE146 because the organization combats an international issue with a grassroots approach. Outside of his work within the chapter, Hamza is also a member of the St.George Tri-campus hockey team.


Adele Zhang

Co-Vice President

Adele Zhang is going into her 4th year studying Ethics, Society, and Law, Political Science, and Contemporary Asian Studies. Aside from social justice work like Love146, she likes to spend her time playing basketball and football, or trying out new bakeries!


Oriana Theo

Co-Vice President

Oriana is going into her third year, double-majoring in History and Contemporary Asian Studies, and minoring in Political Science. The fight to end human trafficking has been a cause that Oriana has been passionate about since high-school. She is honored and excited to further support it this year as the Co-President of Love146 University of Toronto Chapter. In addition to working for Love146, Oriana is also the proud mother of a Pomsky and enjoys reading mystery novels (especially Agatha Christie!).


Andrea Pyo

Director of Finance

Andrea Pyo is currently a fourth year student specializing in Psychology and majoring in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. She first became aware of the prevalence of human trafficking through a youtube video of the One Young World Summit 2014. Seeing that most of society turned a blind eye to the issue, Andrea felt inspired to learn more about human trafficking as well as educate others around her. Outside of school-related activities, Andrea enjoys having personal karaoke sessions in her room, mainly singing along to Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake.


Alicia Demanuele

Director of Events

Alicia Demanuele is a fourth year student completing a double major in Political Science and Criminology at the University of Toronto. Alicia joined Love146 after reading about the prevalence and impact of human trafficking in her Gender, Politics & Public Policy class. She was unaware of the scales on which this issue occurs at both a domestic and international level. As the Director of Events, Alicia is looking forward to collaborating with the rest of the team to plan some amazing events that will spread awareness about the prevalence of human trafficking among the university student population, as well as raise money for the parent organization Love146 to support their efforts to put an end to human trafficking. Outside of UofT and Love146, Alicia enjoys playing tennis and works as a certified tennis instructor.


Connor Plantinga

Director of Sponsorship

Connor Plantinga is a third year studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. Connor first heard of Love146 in high school, and upon learning of the enduring prevalence of human trafficking today, even in Canada, was motivated to join Love146 and help spread awareness. Outside of school, Connor enjoys reading and camping, and is the proud coparent of the worlds smallest kitty.


Aidan Harris

Deputy of Sponsorship

Aidan Harris is a third year student at the University of Toronto studying Political Science and Philosophy who is deeply invested in solving political issues within our society. He joined Love146 to take on an active role in combating the international crisis of human trafficking and to spread awareness of its widespread consequences. Outside of this organization, He is a member of the Varsity Blues Men's Rugby Team.


Kerry Hu

Directory of Outreach

Kerry Hu is a third year student majoring in Neuroscience and Nutritional Sciences, and minoring in Bioethics. She was introduced to the issue of human trafficking through independent documentaries on the topic, and was appalled by the complexities of this atrocity in modern day society. With the extensive detriment of this issue even in Canada, she partook in LOVE146 to shed light to this invisible issue in hopes of engaging the general public, as well as to meet likeminded students. Outside of LOVE146 and school, Kerry enjoys her time by savouring new restaurants and trying new recipes.


Sharon Lee

Deputy of Outreach

Sharon Lee is a second year student at Trinity College, specializing in Political Science with a minor in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. Sharon’s experience with helping provide education to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon inspired her passion for the promotion of international human rights of children and anti-human trafficking, as well as her interest in political science. As a Deputy of Outreach, Sharon looks forward to raising more awareness about Love146 and its cause on campus. Thanks to her Korean upbringing in Canada and time abroad, she can speak English, Korean, French, and Arabic. In her free time, she enjoys watching and listening to live music as well as creating music.


Tasmeen Badshah

First Year Representative

Tasneem Badshah is a first-year student who intends to study Psychology and Peace, Conflict and Justice. She is determined to create positive change in the world through her advocacy. She is passionate about social justice and runs @CatCallsofTO, an Instagram account which aims to raise awareness about street harassment in Toronto. She loves houseplants, animals, and reading.


Tracy Wu

Directory of Marketing

Tracy is currently a 4th year student, specializing in Sociology at the University of Toronto. After discovering that Toronto was the centre of human trafficking in Canada, she decided to try and spread awareness about this problem by joining LOVE146 as their Director of Marketing. She was shocked by how little people knew about the issue of human trafficking and wanted to help inform people more about this issue. Aside from LOVE146, Tracy loves dogs, watching Netflix and food.


Meagan Kindrat

Deputy of Marketing

Meagan KIndrat is a second year student studying International Relations and Environment Studies. Travelling in Cambodia sparked her passion for human rights so when she heard about Love146 she was eager to get involved and spread awareness about human trafficking. Meagan loves food, crocs and dinosaurs.


Varsha Pillai

Website Admin

Varsha Pillai is a second year studying Political Science and Economics. She has always been passionate about human rights but found a specific interest in human trafficking after multiple news stories about slavery in modern times. She was shocked to find out how prevalent and immersed slavery was, not only internationally, but in Toronto. She loves advocating for international human rights and hopes to make some lasting change in the future. Varsha loves Spongebob Squarepants, Harry Potter, Drake, Kanye, and Leche Flan.


Austin Werner


Austin Werner is an outgoing, innovative and deadline-driven Graphic Designer with 3+ years of experience designing and developing user-centred digital/print marketing material from initial concept to final, polished deliverable content. He is skilled in a variety of images, logos and marketing packages designed to strengthen business competence. He is also proficient and skilled in photography and videography! His portfolio can be found at: austinwerner.ca