Sandy Lee

Founder of U of T Chapter

Sandy is a graduate at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. Sandy co-founded the U of T chapter back in 2015, and has been serving as a president and a director ever since the chapter opened its door. Sandy was first faced with the realities of human trafficking when she was in high school when working with the human rights team back in Winnipeg. Ever since, her journey as an activist for anti-human trafficking efforts began by raising awareness and fundraising for the victims who were affected. Sandy believes that human trafficking is a multidimensional issue that must be tackled at every level, and wishes that through her chapter, she will be able to gain a network of students who can help her join the fight to end this issue with tremendous amounts light and love. Outside of LOVE146, Sandy spends most of her time swooning over soft plushies which is currently overpowering her work desk (and might be causing a fire hazard issue).


Hamza Naim


Hamza Naim is a fourth year student who is studying Peace, Conflict, and Justice (PCJ), and Ethics, Society, and Law (ESL). Hamza joined LOVE146 to be surrounded by proactive individuals in an environment that motivates participants to continue to make positive changes in the world. He wishes to have a positive impact on the world in as many ways as possible and chose LOVE146 because the organization combats an international issue with a grassroots approach. Outside of his work within the chapter, Hamza is also a member of the St.George Tri-campus hockey team.


Adele Zhang

Co-Vice President

Adele Zhang is going into her 4th year studying Ethics, Society, and Law, Political Science, and Contemporary Asian Studies. Aside from social justice work like Love146, she likes to spend her time playing basketball and football, or trying out new bakeries!


Oriana Theo

Co-Vice President

Oriana is going into her third year, double-majoring in History and Contemporary Asian Studies, and minoring in Political Science. The fight to end human trafficking has been a cause that Oriana has been passionate about since high-school. She is honored and excited to further support it this year as the Co-President of Love146 University of Toronto Chapter. In addition to working for Love146, Oriana is also the proud mother of a Pomsky and enjoys reading mystery novels (especially Agatha Christie!).